Thursday, April 27th from 6:30p to 8:30p, the American Fitness Health & Wellness Institute is holding a seminar titled “Help and Health over Heroin” at their location at 643 Troy Street, Suite A, Dayton 45404. 

This seminar provides a new pathway to help increase healthy habits and reduce ongoing addictions.  Most heroin users who attend recovery programs go right back to their old lifestyles and friends.  This is a pathway to failure.  We will provide pathways to success to beat heroin and opiate addiction.  A true road to permanent recovery before it’s too late.


Did you know:  Montgomery County and our community is one of the hardest hit areas and our zip code ranks #1 for the most heroin overdoses.  This must stop!  Recently a 13 year old boy died from heroin.  He accidently got into his father’s drugs. 

We must educate kids and the community that this is not a “euphoric” drug, but a pathway to destruction.  Join us for some free information.