There were a lot of amazing moments during the Grammys tribute to the Bee Gees and "Saturday Night Fever" on CBS Easter Sunday night. The one I can't get out of my head though is Demi Lovato's take on a song I've only had a passing interest in over the years. 

While she's OK, if I'm being totally honest, Yvonne Elliman, the original artist on "If I Can't Have You," is a background vocalist at best. She's lucky that she ran into the Bee Gees hit-making machine at it's peak, otherwise she would still have been a struggling Broadway artist in 1977. Without the Brothers Gibb, after this song she pretty much faded away into oblivion. 

Except when I play "... Can't Have You" on the radio, I barely notice the semi-catchy track anymore. And THEN Demi Lovato came on my TV Sunday night. First, she's absolutely gorgeous, and as I was noticing that, she launched into a totally reworked and much more energetic arrangement of "If I Can't Have You." For my money, that's exactly what the song needed, and it perfectly suited her strong voice and spirited delivery. 

First chance you get Demi, please record that version... it's long since needed the update. For now, I guess I'll have to live with pulling the audio from YouTube and listening to it from my smart phone.