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Sharon Osbourne Drugged Ozzy To Expose Truth About Affairs


Sharon Osbourne gave her husband Ozzy extra sleeping pills to get him to admit to having an affair. 

The 66-year-old TV star - who has been married to the rocker since 1982 - has revealed she gave Ozzy extra sleeping tablets in a bid to find out more about his affairs with other women. 

She shared: "I was a broken woman. He sent me an email that was meant for one of his women.  

"Then he took his sleeping pills. I put an extra two in his drink ... and asked him everything, and everything came out."                   

"He would have never told me the truth, ever. He was ashamed, afraid. I knew how long. I knew who it was. I knew what he was thinking and then, you know, you leave. 

"Ozzy told me it was over with this woman and I believed him. Then, six months later, I found out it wasn't and there were others." 

Sharon and Ozzy, 69, split after it emerged he'd been having an affair with hairstylist Michelle Pugh. 

And although they reunited just four months later, Sharon - who has kids Aimee, 35, Kelly, 34, and Jack, 32, with Ozzy - is still dealing with trust issues. 

She told The Sun newspaper: I don't trust him. I worry about that. I don't trust him as far as I can throw him. Nothing in the world hurts like infidelity. Nothing." 

Asked about her decision to stand by Ozzy, Sharon explained: "Nobody is going to want to ask me out. Who would ask me out? A big-mouth, older woman? 

"This is as good as it gets and I love him. He's my husband and I have to take care of him and you just become this woman that takes care of this person and this is my life. This is what I do."

Story source: Bang Showbiz via MSN

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