Bride Asks Guests For Pics So She Doesn't Have To Hire Photographer

On the That's It, I'm Wedding Shaming Facebook group she wrote that she was planning for her guests to compete in a photography contest so she doesn't have to hire a photographer: “Has anyone NOT had a photographer. We're thinking about saving $ by having a ‘best photo competition’ so having ALL our guests take photos from every angle and having a prize as motivation to take good pictures.”

The responses showed people weren't impressed with the idea.

“It is all fun and games until guests are getting in the way as you walk down the aisle or your first dance due to their competitive nature,” was one reply.

“Only if you don’t want good pictures,” said one response. “Oof that’s not the place to cut corners IMO.”

Another response: “I mean if you don’t want good pictures of your wedding, that’s on you. Seems silly.”

“Who needs fancy lighting when Aunt Sue has 6 beers and an iPhone 7.

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