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Aaron Rodgers Gives EACH Of His Offensive Linemen WHAT?!?

Now that Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers isn’t tied down to Olivia Munn anymore, it looks like he plans on making up for lost time spent with his “bros.”

This is evidenced by the fact that he just gifted his offensive linemen each with Polaris ORV’s valued at about twenty grand.

And it seems like right guard Bryan Beluga is thrilled with the gift...

“Polaris and Aaron partnered to give his linemen the ultimate thank-you gift,” said a Polaris spokesperson.

This isn’t anything new for Rodgers, who has in the past presented his offensive line with everything from flat-screen televisions to golf clubs for Christmas. Though, the timing itself is pretty awesome. It gives those men time during the summer to get out and play.

And every time they get behind the wheel, it will reinforce the one thing he wants them to be thinking come September:

There’s nothing in front of you that you shouldn’t be able to run over.

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