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Traffic Camera Ban Is One Step Closer To Reality

Most of us hate them...and, now they're one step closer to being history. The Iowa Senate has approved a bill banning those automated traffic enforcement cameras. The vote was 32-18 and would prohibit devices tracking vehicles that speed or run a red light.

A ban would reduce revenue for local governments by about $12 million...ANNUALLY. So, it's pretty obvious who is FIGHTING this ban. And, it props up the argument that these cameras are less about safety and more about getting additional revenue.

My first ticket was at the intersection of Elmore and Kimberly back when these cameras made their debut in Davenport. It was 4am...I was the ONLY car on the road. I slowed down...looked all four directions...then proceeded to make a right turn on red. OOOPS! I called a friend of mine, a Davenport Police officer, who looks at these and he described my actions. GOOD NEWS: He would forgive that ticket. BAD NEWS: I had gotten another one that morning! Ha! Yeah...I had to pay that one.

The other was in Muscatine a year or two ago on HWY 61. It slows down abruptly...I think the camera is just feet away from the speed limit sign...making it easy to nab speeders...and make the city a lot of money.

You can read more about the ban HERE from KWQC-TV 6

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