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FOUND: Grandparents’ Sex Tape

From 1968 through 1977, the sitcom “Dad’s Army” ran on the BBC – it about the British Home Guard during World War II. One poor guy on Reddit found out how big a fan of that show his grandparents actually were…the hard way.

After his granddad kicked it, our hero had the miserable chore of going through his stuff. During that task, he found a VHS tape labelled “Dad’s Army (Homemade).” It was the thing family nightmares are made of. He popped in the tape, pressed play, and saw Gramps dressed as the character of ‘Sgt. Wilson’ and Granny dressed as ‘Mrs. Pike.’ The pair recited some lines from the show, then walked into the bedroom – where the good Sergeant took out his little soldier at full-salute. At that point the tape was quickly ejected.

Commenters to the Reddit post had their own wisdom to share:

  • “Old people weren’t always old.”
  • “It had “homemade” on it, so you were asking for trouble.”
  • “Scarred for life.”
  • “In five years you’ll hear the phrase, ‘Who do you think you are, Mr. Hitler?’ and it’ll all come flooding back.”

Some strolls down memory lane just don’t need to be taken.

Source: Reddit

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