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If You Thought No One Was At The White Sox Opener...

The only thing lower than the temperature at the White Sox home opener was the attendance. I mean, sure, the 3-6 White Sox and the 2-8 Rays aren't featuring powerhouse lineups one would call a cast of thousands, but you would think they could at least pull a thousand people to see a game.

They can’t. At least they couldn’t Monday when a whopping 974 people showed up with tickets to watch the White Sox fall to the Rays 5-4 on a snowy, soggy day.

Hey, in their defense, the actual paid attendance was 1,377.

I guess 403 people just had something better to do. And by that I mean anything else.

But hey, it wasn’t the lowest attended game ever, just three years ago on April 28, 2015 Camden Yards had zero people in the stands for a game when fans weren’t allowed in for safety purposes due to rioting in Baltimore.

No one in Chicago seems remotely that excited about the White Sox 2018 season.

Source: Sporting News

Here's how YESTERDAY'S game went, in case you missed it...

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