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The NFL Is DITCHING Those Color Rush Uniforms

One of the ways the NFL tried to get people to tune into “Thursday Night Football” in recent years was by featuring “Color Rush” uniforms. Unfortunately, that strategy didn’t exactly pan out, because if the Thursday Night games haven’t been boring enough, it’s even harder to stay awake when you are watching players who look like they are playing in pajamas.

Of course, given the players are playing these games more often than not on three days rest, pajamas are exactly what they’d like to be in at that moment—just not on a football field.

Anyway, now they won’t even get those pajamas after FOX Sports exec

Bill Wanger said yesterday the NFL is ditching those uniforms as hardcore fans don’t need gimmicks to watch football as much as they need well, football, which the games haven’t really been.

And that is why he added that his primary focus will be scheduling.

Maybe he should check with the players who would tell them to schedule the games on Sunday if they want quality games.

Heck, they’d show up in the lingerie football outfits for three extra days rest. ditch Joe Buck...

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