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David Coppefield Found Not Liable For Tourist’s Injuries

David Copperfield was sued by a tourist, Gavin Cox, after he suffered injuries at one of his Las Vegas shows in 2013. Cox claims he was injured during Copperfield’s famous “Lucky 13” disappearing act. Now, after weeks of testimony and about two hours of deliberation, the jury found Copperfield negligent, but not financially responsible for Cox’s injuries, which have reportedly cost him $400-thousand in medical costs.

Cox says he suffered brain and other injuries when he fell during the disappearing act. The act required Cox, along with audience members, to “disappear” backstage through passageways, around corners, outside and back inside to reappear for the show finale.

Jurors found Cox 100-percent financially responsible for his injuries, which mean he and his wife, Minh-Hahn Cox, can’t seek monetary damages.

So...about that illusion. David Copperfield performed the same illusion at the Adler Theatre several years ago (might have been over 10 years ago, actually)...and I was part of the illusion. We actually held a contest on the radio to have listeners join me on stage...then, his team picked several more "random" audience members to help out, as well. What really saddens me about this lawsuit is that Copperfield was forced to give away his secret...and tell everyone HOW the illusion works. Booo!! My wife has asked me several times over the years, "C'mon...tell me how that was done..." And, of course, I would always say, "Okay...but you MUST keep it a secret. It's........magic." Now that the cat's out of the bag, my fun has been ruined. 

In case you're curious, here's the illusion in question... about some MORE magic from David Copperfield...

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