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FIFA Says "Stop Focusing On Hot Women In The Crowd"

In case you weren’t aware, FIFA has a Diversity Boss. His name’s Frederico Addiechi, and prior to the final games of the 2018 World Cup in Russia, he sent out a warning to those with the rights to broadcast the World Cup matches: DO NOT ZOOM IN AND CALL ATTENTION TO HOT WOMEN IN THE CROWD.

C'mon...when games routinely end in a 2 to 1 or 1 to zero've gotta have SOMETHING to break the lull in the games. PLUS...sorry ladies, if you dress hot, guys are gonna take notice...

It’s something you might’ve noticed was par for the course in matches that had major lulls in them. The person operating the camera – most-likely a guy since he’s trolling the crowd looking for them – finds a hot babe in the crowd, zooms in on her, then everyone “oohs, ahhs, and ogles” her until something interesting happens in the game. An anti-discrimination group called Fare Network says the biggest problem during the 2018 World Cup games has been sexism.

Addiechi says that cracking down on this will definitely be in FIFA’s future as a natural evolution of the sport and how it’s covered. There had also been a rampant problem of female reporters being flat-out grabbed and kissed by fans while they were on the air doing their jobs. Between local organizers and police, they’ve tried to ID these fans and had their FAN-IDs revoked, leaving them unable to have access to any more of the World Cup stadiums. It looks like those “hottest fans of the World Cup” photo compilations will soon be a thing of the past and will result in “internal investigations.”

Source: BBC

And...just in case you didn't get your "hot female fan fix," here's a recap...

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