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KISS Trading Cards Celebrate Their 40th Anniversary

KISS remains one of the most iconic rock bands ever assembled. In 1978 KISS released a set of trading cards for fans to have. They'll be bringing those back in honor of their 40th anniversary.

The cards include an 18 base set, plus chase cards consisting of six that are autographed, three that are black-and-white art, nine-card puzzle cards, two box-topper specials and even with hand-drawn original art signed sketches. The ones with their autographs include color ink or an "ultra-rare, gold ink signature."

There will also be a new comic book series released in October. The band is said to be getting ready to announce the largest-scale tour it's ever played in the near future, with dates believed to begin in January 2019.

By the way, it's worth noting that on this day in 2001, KISS added another product to their ever-growing merchandising universe: The "Kiss Kasket!" The coffin featured the faces of the four founding members of the band, the Kiss logo and the words "Kiss Forever." Pantera's Dimebag Darrell was buried in one after he was shot and killed on-stage in Dec 2004… Gene and Paul REALLY know how to market themselves, don't they?

Here's a look at the original cards from 1978...

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