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“Good Boy” Beer For Dogs

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Megan and Steve Long, a couple from Houston, Texas, decided to take their experience in the bar and restaurant business in a different direction after their Rottweiler mix Rocky started having digestion problems. In an effort to help the pooch keep his food down, they stumbled upon their next venture – “beer” with health benefits for dogs.

And so Good Boy Dog Beer” was born. Now, the company sells three different beers throughout Houston at more than 20 dog-friendly restaurants and bars. They offer flavors like “IPA lot in the yard,” "Session... Squirrel!” and “Mailman Malt Licker,” which contain vegetables, meats and spices. But the star ingredient? Turmeric.

That’s right – the non-alcoholic beverage’s healthy ingredients can actually help with your dog’s digestion. Owners can serve up a cold one on its own to their dog or mix it with their food to soften it. Either way, it’s not meant to replace a full meal. But at just $5 a can, it’s quite a bargain for any dog lover.

Source: USA Today

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