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Serial Event Streaker: “I’ll Never Stop!”

At this point, Mark Roberts is probably the world’s most well-known streaker. To date, he’s run in the buff at more than 560 events in 24 countries. While that’s enough to put him down in history, the British father-of-three says he’s not stopping anytime soon.

Smith has streaked at tons of major sporting events, including the Super Bowl, the Olympics, and Usain Bolt’s last 100-meter race. Outside of sports, he’s even dropped trou at the Cannes Film Festival, the 2011 Turner Prize, and the Crufts dog show. What’s the most surprising about his serial stunts is that out of that 568 or so, he claims he’s only been arrested for 25 of them.

When it comes to throwing in the non-existent towel, Roberts says he actually did plan on retiring this year, with his final streak planned for the World Cup final in Russia. He had a ticket, arranged a place to stay and everything… except he forgot to get a visa to enter the country. It looks like he’s treated it like a sign that he should keep up the pranks.

“I don’t think I’ll ever stop,” he adds. “I’ve actually written in my will that I want to be buried naked in a [plexiglass] box so I can streak my own funeral.” Ha! I've always joked about that...maybe having an all-nude funeral. Wonder if Runge would allow something like that...?

Source: Sky News

And...since we're talking about streaking. How 'bout a little something from "Old School"...

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