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NBC's "New Year's Eve" Coverage...Let's Just Say People Are NOT Happy

Viewers are not happy with how NBC’s New Year’s Eve countdown went. The Twitterverse is slamming the network for their coverage in New York’s Times Square.

First of all, people aren’t happy that NBC failed to show the ball drop… and on top of that, they’re not pleased that they had to hear Chrissy Teigen talk about “vaginal steaming” on air for a minute there. All in all, some are calling the coverage a “complete disaster” and the “worst New Year’s show ever.”

Here’s what Twitter users had to say:

  • Tony Ruff doesn’t seem surprised that it was so bad. “Yo @NBC, that new years broadcast was trash,” he writes. “Expect nothing less though! #vaginalsteaming”
  • Jennifer Hughes is opting for a different network. “I’m embarrassed for America watching @chrissyteigen talk about vaginal steaming,” she offers. “Way to help me ringin the new year with family. Turning it to Fox.”
  • Rachelle was one of the people pointing out that NBC missed the moment everyone had been waiting for. “Is it just me or did #NBC not show the actual ball drop,” she wrote at the time.
  • Kate Robertson is with Rachell on that one. “We tuned in to see the ball drop,” she notes. “Explain where the hell THAT was.”
  • Jennifer MacDonald is just happy there was one #fail moment of the broadcast that was actually entertaining. “For those of you that didn’t watch @nbc coverage of the “ball drop”... they didn’t show the ball or a countdown clock,” she writes. “But we did get this lovely gem of [Leslie Jones] tried to take out @ChrissyTeigen with an umbrella.”

 That moment where Jones poked Teigen in the eye with her umbrella has become the highlight of NBC’s broadcast. Even more Twitter users hit their keyboards to talk about that – it’s also the only moment that Teigen has mentioned on her own Twitter.

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