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Football Withdrawal? The Greatest Football Movies Ever – Ranked!

Let's face it...the Super Bowl was just awful and the Alliance of American Football isn’t exactly setting the world on fire. What to do? How does a football fan pass the time until pre-season kicks off again? How about football movies? Here’s a list of the Top 20, as judged by someone who thinks their opinion has more weight than yours...

20 “Friday Night Lights” (2004) – Before it was a TV show, it was a movie.

19 “The Waterboy” (1998) – Funny, whether you want to admit it or not.

18 “The Replacements” (2000) – Hackman & Reeves make it ok to root for those who cross the picket line.

17 “Concussion” (2015) – If for no other reason than it’s fun to say “Tell The Truth” to people afterwards for no reason.

16 “The Blind Side” (2009) – Sandra Bullock won an Oscar for it.

15 “Paper Lion” (1968) – Alan Alda tries to become a QB for the Lions.

14 “Invincible” (2006) – Very watchable underdog story of Vince Papale as an Eagles walk-on.

13 “Big Fan” (2009) – Creepy, hilarious, and under-rated with Patton Oswalt.

12 “Brian’s Song” (1971) – You dad wept his eyes out to this one.

11 “Semi-Tough” (1977) – The book’s better, but it’s a good “bro” movie.

10 “We Are Marshall” (2006) – Matthew McConaughey finds his depth.

9 “All The Right Moves” (1983) – Tom Cruise is just impossibly young.

8 “Any Given Sunday” (1999) – Fun and gripping, though implausible.

7 “Remember The Titans” (2000) – Everything’s better with Denzel.

6 “Silver Linings Playbook” (2012) – Football’s the background for a much deeper story.

5 “North Dallas Forty” (1979) – Violence and sex…perfect for the 70s.

4 “The Freshman” (1925) – Funny, classic slapstick.

3 “The Longest Yard” (1974) – Just ignore the Sandler version.

2 “Heaven Can Wait” (1978) – Warren Beatty at his non-political and non-preachy best.

1 “Rudy” (1993) – If your eyes don’t well-up, you’re a stone-hearted freak!

Source:Men’s Health

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