Are You Boring? Here's The Answer...

Mark Manuel iHR

First off...why is MY photo the header on this story, huh?  C'mon... 

Anyway...A new survey of 2,000 Americans show that they’ve got a major fear brewing inside of them: the horrible feeling that they might be dull. Turns out, one-in-seven of us feels like we’re total duds and have nothing interesting to share with people. Your problems could be compounded if you’re the type that enjoys talking about yourself. And drumroll please…that’s the number one reason you might be boring.

Also making a strong showing on the list:

  • being humorless
  • constant complaining
  • being a story or joke repeater
  • …and being an incessant phone-checker (What’s so damn important on that stupid phone anyway!? A cat video? )

Here’s a trick for you to boost yourself out of the boredom category. Incorporate your friends into the story. Then, they can participate and you can look more fascinating than you actually are. Instead of talking about the trip to Jamaica that none of them went on…tell them how that trip reminded you of a trip you all took together. Bam! You’re talking about your trip, and then getting them in a place to carry it the rest of the way. You’re welcome.

Source: Men’s Health

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