Davenport Bans Fireworks!

The city of Davenport is reinstating a ban on fireworks within city limits. The Davenport City Council decided on the measure Wednesday evening.

Davenport Mayor Frank Klipsch told KWQC that they made the decision after waiting to see what the public's response would be over the Fourth of July holiday. The council ultimately decided that the new state law hasn't worked out well because of some citizens' irresponsibility and the multitude of complaints.

What do YOU think? Sure...they were a little much this year. But it was new! Next year, it would most likely be less...and even less the year after that. Kind of like when you were first legal to drink. You probably got drunk quite a bit...then, as the years went on and it was no big deal to drink anymore, hopefully you stopped getting drunk and just drank in moderation...

Here's the rest of the story from our news partners at KWQC-TV 6

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