Dustin Lynch At The Buchanan County Fair

Dustin Lynch

Gates opens @ 6:30PM, Opener @ 8PM, Dustin Lynch @ 9PM!

Purchase Tickets: https://midwestix.securemytix.com/event/dustin-lynch-bcf18/pre-sale

Dustin Lynch Bio

With a string of hits stretching back to 2012, a red hot live-performance reputation, and a fanbase that’s growing exponentially, Dustin Lynch is one of the hottest acts in moderncountry music. And with his third album for Broken Bow Records – CURRENT MOOD – he’sdone flying under the radar.After three years of determined diligence, CURRENT MOOD arrives as one of the mostadventurous, attention-grabbing Country albums of 2017, and it shows a bold next-generationsuperstar coming into his own.“I’m a little nervous,” Lynch admits with a laugh. “But the last thing I want for chapter three is‘Oh, this is just a new take on what we’ve heard for the last few years.’ I hope people see aside of me they haven’t seen yet.”Still only 32 years old, fans have already seen a few sides of the Tullahoma, Tennessee,native.His first two albums mixed traditional influence with edgy intensity to debut at #1 and #2 onBillboard’s Top Country Albums chart, while his first-ever single – the tender ballad “Cowboysand Angels” – earned Platinum status. Five consecutive Platinum and Gold singles followedas “Where It’s At,” “Hell of a Night,” “Mind Reader,” “Seein’ Red,” and “Small Town Boy” allbecame hard driving #1s.Online, Lynch has also hit the #1 spot on the iTunes Country Albums Chart while racking up 3million track downloads, more than 245 million Spotify streams, and 113 millionYouTube/VEVO views. His social-media following tops 2.5 million, and he’s not connectingwith those rabid fans through music alone. Lynch’s own Stay Country clothing line puts hispersonal style in their hands, and national TV appearances have highlighted his good-naturedcharisma.Meanwhile, those same fans have watched him become one of the most dynamic performerson the road. Cranking up massive crowds while opening for stadium-rocking icons like LukeBryan, Florida Georgia Line, and Brad Paisley, Lynch has played for millions while developingan unparalleled onstage potency – and he’ll put it to good use on THE RIDE OR DIE TOUR inthe fall of 2017, his opening salvo as a headliner and an arena-filling testament to his rise.But with CURRENT MOOD, those milestones take a backseat to unbridled creativity. Thirteennew tracks push proudly against country’s already-expanded boundaries as timeless themes mix freely with edgy, new-school sonics, romantically-charged vocals and swaggering streetwisegrooves.Produced by a five-headed monster of Brent Anderson, Mickey Jack Cones, RossCopperman, Zach Crowell, and Will Weatherly, the album stretches from Top 40 R&B toSoCal power Punk, from dusty roots Country to lush millennial Pop, and from straight-up partyRock to danceable EDM. Using his inner monologue as inspiration, Lynch takes his music –and fans – to the next level.“There’s a song for every emotion I’m feeling right now,” he explains. “All these songs are abehind-the-curtain-look at my heart and soul, and it’s so diverse because I listen to all kinds ofmusic. Depending on what mood I was in, I would start the session out with ‘Hey, I waslistening to Sugar Ray last weekend in San Diego, I want to feel like that today.’ Or ‘I just sawImagine Dragons, let’s try something like that.’”From the album’s opening notes, each track feels raw and urgent – just like his electrifyingconcerts. Lynch’s fingerprints are everywhere as finished recordings were based largely ondemos he laid down in the back of his tour bus, and each producer was given free reign onjust a few tracks, resulting in 13 separate “passion projects.”With the first single, “Seein’ Red” (a Gold-certified #1), Lynch jumped head first into lusty PopRock – a hint of the creative explosion to come. The second, “Small Town Boy,” followed thatexperimental trend, mixing stone-Country lyrics with an irresistibly smooth R&B rhythm tobecome another Gold #1, his fifth in a row. Lynch knew he was on to something.“I think it’s got a nice little mid-tempo groove, but what’s special about it is the lyric,” he says.“It’s not even about small towns to me. It’s about the true love we’re all chasing down andtrying to hang on to.”“I’d Be Jealous Too” dives even deeper into the sounds of Top 40 Pop, grafting a club-readybackbeat to a strutting vocal delivery, while sexy, smoldering tracks like “Back On It” and“Why We Call Each Other” test Country’s limits with undeniable crossover potential.Meanwhile, “Love Me or Leave Me Alone” strips away everything but the essentials, pairing awounded Country vocal with vibey vintage guitars. The song features Little Big Town’s KarenFairchild, who first heard it during a post-show jam session and immediately claimed it as herown.“She pretty much threatened me with my life, if I didn’t let her sing this song with me. And, Iwas like ‘Holy crap!’” Lynch jokes. “She just loves the song, and that’s such a greatendorsement.“It rips my heart out, because I’ve been there,” he goes on. “It’s all about ‘What are we? Arewe hooking up? Are we more than dating?’ I think we can all relate to that line in the sand,and having to cross it eventually.”“Why Not Tonight” looks to Travis Tritt’s “T-R-O-U-B-L-E” and California Pop-Rock to inspireuptempo, party-centric fun, while the wild and free “Party Song” treats falling in love like the perfect mixtape. Both will add even more excitement to his live show, capable of movingcrowds of 60,000-plus.“I Wish You Were Beer” keeps the good times rolling while “New Girl” delivers a heartfeltmessage wrapped in circa-2000 Pop, and the album closes with a flourish of nostalgicromance – a gorgeous oceanside tribute to love lost but never forgotten, “Sun Don’t Go Downon That.”“She’s living a happy life, I’m living a happy life, but who’s gonna make me feel that again?”Lynch asks. “The sun won’t go down on that question, and I’m glad because it makes mewant to find out.”Each track on CURRENT MOOD is like that – a snapshot of Lynch’s crazy world, anunforgettable relationship, or a feeling he can’t escape. Walking tall with a new generation offans behind him, it’s the next step on his path to superstardom. He’s pushed deep intouncharted Country territory, and now he’s ready to claim it as his own.“The goal for me is to continue to stretch,” he explains. “It’s all about moving the needle now.”

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