Women's Health and Lifestyle Fair

Mark your calendar for the 2019 KWQC Unity Point Health-Trinity Women's Health and Lifestyle Fair. The date is set for Saturday, March 30 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Davenport River Center. Jim O'Hara will be broadcasting live on select iHeartMedia radio stations of the Quad Cities from 8am to 10am.

The WHLF is the only event of its kind in the Quad Cities that focuses entirely on Women's daily health and lifestyle choices and all aspects of daily living, including fashion, fitness, home decorating, health and wellness, financial, food and cooking, entertainment , spiritual and much more.

Don't miss these stage events:

-HyVee Chef Cook-off competitions

-Unity Point Health-Trinity topics 

-Q & A with TV6 News personalities

-2019 guest speaker Suzy Favor-Hamilton

Suzy is a three time Olympian who was maried with a successful career in real estate when she was missdiagnosed with depression. She says the drug she was prescribed had bad effects. "The prescribed drug made her high, too high in fact, and soon, she was trying to make up for all she had missed in life….to an ultimate extreme. This to the point where only several months later, she was one of the top escorts in Las Vegas and the world." Suzy was finally diagnosed with bipolar disorder which led to her recovery. In 2015 she released her book “Fast Girl – A Life Spent Running From Madness” and is currently working as a life coach. (Click here to read Suzy's full bio)

The KWQC Unity Point Health-Trinity Women's Health and Lifestyle Fair features over 100 vendors. In addition, it helps to raise money and awareness for local non-profit and charitable organizations.

If you would like to reserve a space for your business, email WHLF@KWQC.com or call 563-383-7038.

There is a suggested $2 donation collected at the door which will benefit the Robert Young Center Child & Adolescent Fund, supporting children’s mental health.

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