Foreigner At The Adler Theatre: PHOTOS and VIDEO!

Foreigner ROCKED the Adler Theatre Tuesday night.

Our nigh started with a meet and greet...which was a little different than usual, thanks to the threat of the Coronavirus. If you look through the photo gallery, you’ll see the slip of paper each of us was given. No hand shaking, touching, etc...can’t event elbow bump! Still pretty fun.

Then came the show. The group of musicians that Mick Jones has assembled are fantastic and really capture the Foreigner sound from all those years ago. Unfortunately, Mick’s health is kind of up and down, so he doesn’t do ALL of the shows with Foreigner (no, he wasn’t at this one, either), but they DID bring in Rick Wills (bassist from about 1977 to 2004) and Al Greenwood (keyboards). The show was a barrage of hits...there wasn’t a single unfamiliar song in the set. Something that always drives me nuts is when a band from the 80s plays a few of their hits, followed by several songs “off the new album.” HELLO!?! We’re not paying $50+ a ticket to hear you play songs off the new album...we’re paying to hear the hits! Thankfully, Foreigner gets this concept...great show!

Then came the finale, featuring the Rock Island High School Chamber Choir. They did Rock Island proud! Foreigner’s lead singer, Kelly Hansen, gave a nice speech afterwords, explaining WHY Foreigner brings these high school choirs out at every show. All in all, a really fun night!

Here's some photos and video of Rock Island High School's Chamber Choir performing with Foreigner, if you couldn't make the show...

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