Voting Information For Rock Island County

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The County Clerk will mail an Application to Vote By Mail to all Rock Island County registered voters on August 1, 2020.Applicants who wish to vote by mail will need to verify the information on the form is correct, sign, and date, then return via US Postal Service or hand delivery to the County Clerk’s Office. Official ballots will be sent to applicants beginning September 24, 2020.

If you do not receive an Application to Vote By Mail, it may be because you are not registered to vote or that your registration information has changed and you have not updated your registration with the County Clerk’s Office. You can still apply to Vote By Mail if you update your information on or before October 6, 2020. Similarly, if you receive an Application to Vote By Mail with a previous resident’s name, please let the County Clerk’s Office know so the records can be updated.

Due to COVID-19, all 2020 General Election voters are encouraged to cast a ballot prior to Election Day, either by mail or during early voting.Voting by mail is an easy and secure option for votersand you can request a vote by mail ballot online, through the mail, or in person.

Apply to be an Election Judge by completing an application

General Election: Tuesday, November 3, 2020


As the Chief Election Authority, the County Clerk's Election Department is responsible for administering all elections (federal, state, county, township, park, library, school and special districts) within Rock Island County. There are 120 precincts with approximately 86,600 registered voters divided into 38 vote centers under the jurisdiction of the County Clerk. Additional duties of this department include: voter registration, training deputy registrars and election judges, providing vote centers and maintaining lists of precinct committeemen. Also, providing Candidate's Guides, the Voter Information Guide and the Reference Guide to Rock Island County.

On Election Day the polls are open from 6:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m.Voters who are not able to vote in person may Vote-by-Mail. For further information regarding Vote-by-Mail or any other aspects of the election process, contact the Voter Registration/Elections Department of the County Clerk's Office at (309) 786-8683.

Grace Period Registration/Voting

This “Grace Period” allows a new voter to register to vote, or to update their registration information during this period at the County Clerk’s Office only and once the voter has registered or updated their registration they must cast their ballot at that time. “Grace Period” voters do not get to cancel their ballot and vote at the polls on election day.

Same-Day Voter Registration/Voting

Similar to Grace Period Registration/Voting, the Same-Day Voter Registration/Voting occurs on the day of the Electionat the voter's home Vote Center.The voter can change the name or address with the two forms of ID showing current name and address.

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