2022 Midwest Mayhem


*$400 to register your team.

*Taking 20 Teams Max

One & Done run on Saturday

*2 Man Team Guaranteed Payout $5,000-$2,000-$1,000

*No Riders allowed.

***PATCH CLASS....This is an individual event - NOT a team class.

*Entry is $150 for Driver (includes weekend Pit Pass)

*No Riders allowed.

*30 Cars Max

*Any year car - NO IMP's

*Viola Boyz Light Weld Class rules as listed under our Big Car Rules in the "Files" Tab.

*You are allowed 8 8X8X1/4" patches PLUS 22" hump plates.

One & Done run on Saturday

*Multi-County Rules/Daytona/Whiskey City Rules apply, just call Chad Kinsey or Tanner Schmidt with Tech Questions.

*Patch Class Guaranteed Payout - $4,000/ $2,000/ $1,000

Pre-Registration only required for the 2-Man Show and Patch Class Show. You can still register by calling Rick 309-507-1974

All other "Show & Go" classes such as Weld Compacts, Turn Key Compacts, Light Weld Compacts, Mini Van/SUV/Mini Trucks and Youth Compact Class run on Saturday, April 16 and do not require pre-registration. No Riders allowed in any classes except for Youth Class.

2022 Big Car Rules/Youth Class/Small Car Classes/Mini Van/SUV/Mini Truck Rules are all posted under the "Files" tab on our page.

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