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Unsettling: Years After Conviction of Killing Wife & Son, Scott Peterson Lives Comfortable Life In Prison

Scott Peterson has been on death row for brutally murdering his wife and unborn child since 2005, but judging by the way he’s treated in prison, you’d think he was just on vacation.

In Touch has learned exclusively that 43-year-old Peterson, once dubbed “the most hated man in America,” is living a pretty comfortable life at California’s San Quentin State Prison.

“Scott is doing wonderfully. He’s found a life behind bars,” his father, Lee Peterson, revealed in an exclusive interview.

“We talk all the time and he’s always in good spirits,” Lee continued, adding that Scott wants to have kids and “a normal life” someday.

Peterson has been behind bars since 2003, when he was convicted of murdering his wife, Laci Peterson, and their unborn son, Conner, in Modesto, California.

Through the Freedom of Information Act, In Touch has obtained documents, including Scott’s commissary log, revealing all the treats and luxuries he’s become accustomed to in San Quentin.

Clearly, Peterson likes to stay healthy, with sugar-free honey, smoked oysters, smoked scallops, corn, non-fat milk, and even whey protein tablets.

For her book, Life After Murder: Five Men in Search of Redemption, journalist Nancy Mullane was given access to the maximum-security prison, where she got the chance to see how Peterson is living these days.

“He has the ability to walk around and interact with other inmates,” she said.

“When I saw Scott, he was playing basketball. He didn’t look depressed. He looked like someone you’d see on the street playing basketball,” Mullane revealed. “He had his shirt off and his boxer shorts up. He wasn’t ripped, but he looked healthy. He was having a good time.”

Scott is currently trying to appeal his conviction, but Gloria Allred, who represented his former mistress Amber Frey, says death row is the only place Peterson should be.

“The jury found Scott guilty and he was sentenced to death. There shouldn’t be another trial,” said Allred. “Justice has already been served.”

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