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How Far Can You REALLY Drive On "Empty"?

Before I get too far into this....I will admit that my husband, Matt, warns me about NOT DRIVING when my SUV is flirting with EMPTY. It really bugs him. 

But's interesting to know what's really going on here.

So, first things first (as Mr. Matt says):  you should never drive your vehicle when the gas gauge is on empty . . . 

Why? it can burn up your fuel pump which can lead to a $400+ repair! 

But if you're like me and still wanna know how far you can go when the empty light comes on, here's the scoop.

You might not know it, but most automobile manufacturers build in about a gallon of reserve fuel that you can't see on the gas gauge, past the empty line.  

Some cars can go for days on ’empty’.  

Wanna see how far your car can go? You can search your model or add your own story below. 

Notable: most of the reports on cars average about 40 miles when on supposed "EMPTY". 

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