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Why You Should NEVER Microwave Leftover Pizza

Why you should never reheat leftover pizza in the's the best way (chef-recommended!) to reheat it. This blog post is concerned with the quality of your leftover pizza experience!

So when it comes time to finish off those few slices of pizza, and you just don't fancy diving in to cold 'za? Let's reheat it. 

But before you stick in for a quick and easy blast in the microwave, consider the obvious fact that it is not your best option. In fact, it's disastrous!

Heating pizza in the microwave leaves you with a soggy mess---a hot, mushy crust and a topping diminished of any of its past glory.

The things that make pizza great are a crispy edge, a slightly chewy dough that gives way to soft cheese and rich tomato. All of that is lost in the microwave.

What's the perfect method? A non-stick skillet. Yep. A skillet. And many chefs (Mark Bello included) agree!

Here are the easy instructions:

  • Put the old pizza on a non-stick skillet over medium-low heat for just a few minutes
  • After the base "crisps up", add a drop of water to the pan, turn the heat to low and cover with lid.*
  • Soon the top of the pizza will be fluffy again, the cheese melty, and the world a little brighter!
  • (Alternative: instead of using a lid, you can create a moisture canopy with foil)*

In summary, a two-minute skillet can recreate that crisp base and gooey top....Yum!!!

...and microwaved pizza? It's just kinda sad.

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