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Mississippi and Rock Rivers Will Flood This Week

Davenport officials have revised predicted crests, with the Mississippi River now predicted to surpass 16 feet.

According to Davenport Public Works, the Mississippi River had been fluctuating between predicted crests of 13.8 feet and 14.8 feet over the course of the last week. On Saturday, the crest was revised to 16.5 feet and as of Sunday morning is expected to reach 16.3 feet.

As of 9 a.m. Sunday morning the river level was at 14.31 feet, and is expected to reach 15 feet by Monday, May 1, and 16.3 feet by Thursday, May 4. Officials say the river is expected to quickly recede.

South Concord will remain closed between River and Utah until river levels recede below 13 ft. The Compost Facility is accessible by taking Rockingham Road/Highway 22 to Wapello to Railroad Ave.

Should predicted river levels arrive:

  • Portions of the riverfront bike path will become covered today. 
  • Signage closing the bike path between Marquette and Credit Island will be placed Monday and will remain closed until water recedes below 14.5 feet and cleaning can take place.
  •  Water will begin covering the road to Credit Island on Monday
  • Signage will be placed closing the park until water recedes below 15 feet and cleaning can take place.
  • Water will begin to affect portions of LeClaire Park beginning late Monday, early Tuesday. 
  • Appropriate closures will take place when this occurs.

The River’s Edge, the Freight House, and Union Station will all remain open for business. Staff will be monitoring conditions, should predicted levels shift higher, flood protection may be placed at Modern Woodmen Park. The boat docks at Marquette and Credit Island have not been reinstalled for the season. There are no changes due to current river levels.

The Rock River will flood at both Joslin and Moline, according to the National Weather Service, Davenport.

The Rock River at Joslin is expected to reach its 12-foot flood stage early Monday and crest at 16.4 feet Wednesday.

At Moline, the Rock is expected to reach the 12-foot flood stage early Monday and crest at 16.9 feet Wednesday, and then begin falling slowly over the next several days, according to the National Weather Service forecast. Crest numbers could rise as there is more rain heading to the Quad-Cities through Monday.

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