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Mother Accused Of Pulling Son's Teeth In Walmart Bathroom

Jeannine Cherilynn Isom

American Fork, UT---A Utah woman is accused of pulling her 7-year-old son's teeth out with a pliers in a Walmart Bathroom.

Wow. That sounds painful...

On April 2nd, police say Jeannine Cherilynn Isom bought hand sanitizer and a needle-nose pliers from Walmart before taking her son into the bathroom and pulling two of his teeth.

The boy's older brother and an employee heard the child screaming and got him out of the bathroom. Documents say the woman did not use any anesthetic.

The 7-year-old said that the "one was loose, but the other one was only a little loose."

"When she proceeded to extract them, they didn't come out in whole pieces. There were multiple pieces. So that illustrates that the teeth were still very attached to the child's mouth," said Sgt. Cameron Paul with American Fork Police.

Isom is charged with one count of child abuse. 

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