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Confused Bird Finds Home In Bettendorf Toilet

We all lose our way sometimes.

Last week a young red-tailed hawk stumbled inside a City of Bettendorf maintenance garage, much to the surprise of employees.

“I noticed the hawk in the bathroom when I was turning on the lights and opening the garage doors of the service shop in the morning,” said mechanic Brandon Forristall, who speculates the bird had gotten in through a garage door.

“We were trying to shoo him out when he ended up in the toilet.

Forristall snapped a photo of the hawk seemingly at home on the commode seat.

“I wasn't brave enough to grab him when I saw the size of his talons. He finally got out and took off on his own.”

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources, commenting on Forristall’s photo, posted online that the hawk “likely just left the nest and was a bit confused.”

Important Advice: If left alone, experts say young wayward birds that are healthy will normally figure out what to do and where to go.

Story Source: KWQC-TV6

Image: KWQC/Brandon Forristall

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