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Zoo Paints Donkey To Look Like Zebra To Fool Visitors

Student Mahmoud A. Sarhani visited a zoo in Cairo, Egypt on July 21 and took pictures of the odd-looking zebra.

The creature had unusually long ears and lacked the distinctive mane usually present on the African beasts.

A closer inspection revealed the equine creature was in fact a strategically painted ass. 

<I mean, look at the smeared paint on the poor creature!>

Mahmoud shared a photo of the “zebra” on Facebook and the post quickly went viral in Egypt.                                                             

Local media in the North African country covered the bizarre incident with a lot of local vets confirming  the animal was a donkey.

The zoo's director maintains that it's a zebra and not a donkey. Of course....      

Source material: The Sun

All images are from Facebook via Mahmoud A. Sarhani

Donkey painted to look like Zebra/FACEBOOK
Donkey painted to look like zebra/FACEBOOK

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