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Van Halen Rumored To Announce Summer Stadium Tour & Michael Anthony Reunion

Former Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony's denials have not stopped the rumors!

And now a purported industry insider says all the questions fans have will be answered by the end of February, if not early in March, when Van Halen plans to clarify its 2019 plans. He then proceeded to answer everyone's questions himself.....

"Van Halen will be touring in 2019," said Facebook user Thomas Bmyr in a lengthy post screen-captured by Metal Head Zone. Bmyr claims to be an employee of Van Halen's record label, Warner Bros. and has been active on Van Halen forums in the past.

He says the official announcement from the band is imminent, and he confirmed a statement by front man David Lee Roth that Van Halen will return in 2019.

Longtime Van Halen bassist Anthony will be part of the reunion, Bmyr said, but not as a full-time member of the band.

"This is not a tour itself, but six dates in American stadiums, during the summer to come," Bmyr wrote. "It's not a farewell tour. The lineup is the same as the last years [sic]:Eddie,Alex,Wolfie, and David."

In addition to the stadium shows, Van Halen will add a handful of Las Vegas dates for late-2019, he said.

Anthony's role will be as a nightly special guest.

Anthony told fans a few weeks ago during an in-person Q&A that he has not spoken to Eddie Van Halen since the last time he was in the band in 2004.

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