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Iowa Senate Passes Bill Banning Red Light Cameras--What's Next?

Some Iowa lawmakers are hoping to put the brakes on red light cameras in the state.

The Iowa Senate passed a bill that would ban traffic cameras from sending speeding tickets to drivers.

“That is awesome,” Laura Vicha of Davenport said. :You go 5 miles over and you're getting a ticket in the mail."

Iowa Senator Brad Zaun believe the cameras allows cities to make quick cash, but law enforcement does not agree.

"The department thinks they are a great idea,” Sgt. Brian Steven with Davenport Police said.

According to Stevens, crashes are down double digits at the locations of the cameras. At Kimberly and Welcome Way, between 2011 and 2018, crashes are down 83%. At Harrison and 35th Street, crashes are down 93% in the same time period.

"Having fixed cameras at those locations, driving crashes down, it does allow us to spread out a little more,” Sgt. Stevens said.

The Iowa House has not taken up a bill banning speed cameras. Instead it is looking at regulating where communities can spend the money generated from them.

Davenport Police told TV6 the money generated goes into the city’s general fund.

Source: KWQC-TV6

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