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Van Halen Reunion Tour Is Off--What Happened?

Nothing really happened. Nor did anything develop.

Former Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony says he will not be returning to his old band this summer.

Anthony's comment comes after months of rumors that he had reconnected with Van Halen and was poised to resume his role in the band for a run of live dates this summer.

In a recent Instagram post, Anthony is depicted playing an acoustic bass guitar in front of a television beside a shiny RV. He wrote in the caption that he was getting in a vacation before his tour with Sammy Hagar and The Circle begins April 19.

When fans flooded the comments with questions about Van Halen, the bassist attempted to kill the speculation once and for all.

"VH tour not gonna happen," he wrote.

While the bassist had denied being contacted but insisted he would listen if Van Halen made him an offer, his longtime band mate Sammy Hagar confirmed in February that there appeared to be something brewing.

The former Van Halen front man said Anthony received a call last summer by someone on Van Halen's team, asking if he would be interested in coming back. Anthony said he would indeed be interested and, according to Hagar, hasn't heard anything since.

Hagar added that was rooting for the reunion and the closure it would bring Anthony, the band and the fans. He said he would adjust his live schedule with the Circle if need be in order to accommodate it.

Sammy Hagar & The Circle recently released a music video for their first single, "Trust Fund Baby." The band's upcoming debut album,Space Between, is due out May 10.

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