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Toddler Scalded When McDonald's Fills Her Water Bottle With Hot Water

A mother is blasting an Oregon McDonald’s after her daughter got scalded by hot water.

Emily Dolbeer and her four-year- old daughter were at Portland International Airport when they stopped at McDonald’s. Emily asked an employee to refill her daughter’s water bottle and please add ice. When the bottle was returned, she didn’t think about it.

Then Lainey screamed.

The water was at a high temperature and left burns and blisters on her mouth, chin, and lips.

When she reported it to the manager, Emily said she got the cold shoulder. Finally, Mike Kennedy, the owner and operator of the restaurant called to apologize and say it’s being investigated.

Emily wasn’t impressed and told him so.

This was a bad start to Lainey’s Disneyland trip, but she’s starting to heal and her mother is thinking about legal action.

Source: Newsweek

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