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And The Drunkest Nation in The World Is....

World’s Drunkest Nation Found By Global Survey

  • The goal was to set out to find the drunkest country on Earth.
  • Over 120,000 drinkers from 35 nations were polled.
  • The BRITISH were found to be the drunkest of the bunch!
  • We Americans took the silver medal!
  • Not far behind---in 3rd place, the Canadians.
  • Dead last: Chile (as the most sober of all...).

Whole Story:

When it comes to getting hammered, Britons have the edge over everyone else in the booze-loving world. That’s one of the findings from the that was just published. After polling over 120,000 drinkers from 35 countries, they learned that those from Great Britain were drunk 51.1 times over the course of a year. Impressive.

Don’t feel left out, though, Americans. We took the silver medal by getting loaded 50 days each year, and Canadians got sloshed 48. Coming in at the bottom of the list was Chile. Those underachievers only get the job done 16 times a year.

The survey also took cocaine into account and the Brits reign supreme there, too. According to their numbers, 43-percent said they’d like to “use cocaine less next year,” and 1.5-percent admitted needing “medical assistance” after a dance with the booger sugar.

Then, there’s sexual assault. When it comes to “excessive drinking” and inappropriate sexual advances, 29.3-percent of women said they’d been “taken advantage of sexually while drunk or high.”

Source: Global Drug Survey

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