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Professions That Have The Most Sex Are...(You Are NOT Gonna Believe #1!)

Survey: Professions That Have The Most Sex Are...

  • Wonder which occupations are having the most sex? Thanks to a new survey, now we know.
  • Sex toy manufacturer Lelo asked thousands of people about their sex lives and their careers and came up with the professions that get it on most often.
  • And the job that came in at number one? Believe it or not, it’s farmers.
  • Source:Mirror

If your sex life isn’t quite as active as you wish it was, your job may be to blame. A new survey (by a sex toy manufacturer!) asked 2,000 adults in the UK about their sex lives and their occupations and found some careers tend to see more action than others.

So what profession is having the most sex? FARMERS!

A third of farmers reported having sex at least once a day and 67% rated their performance in the bedroom as “incredible.”

Coming in behind farmers in the survey is architects, with 21% of those surveyed claiming to do it once a day, followed by hairdressers, with 17% of them saying they get it on daily.

On the flip side, the survey reveals that journalists are seeing the least action, with 20% admitting they only have sex once a month. Lawyers are also hard to please in the bedroom, according to the survey, 27% of them say they fake it every time they have sex.

Lelo’s survey finds these professions have most sex:

  • Farmers
  • Architects
  • Hairdressers
  • Advertising execs
  • Lawyers and teachers

And these professions rate themselves as “incredible” in the bedroom:

  • Farmers (again!)
  • Doctors
  • Architects
  • Laborers
  • Advertising execs


Source: Getty Images

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