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Dude Wins A $800K Horse Bet Right After Getting Dumped! And She “Rethinks”

Dude Gets Dumped, He Hits $800K Horse Bet...And She “Rethinks”

  • An Australian man got dumped by a girl while they watched the country’s most famous horse race.
  • Then, he picked the four top finishers and landed $793K on a $10 bet.
  • Shockingly, the girl had a change of heart and decided to stick around a bit longer.
  • Source:Daily Mail

‘Kenny’ decided to take a date to Melbourne’s Crowne Casino to check out Australia’s most famous horse race, the Melbourne Cup. Cool, right?

Not exactly, his lady told him she “really didn’t feel it,” “things weren’t going anywhere,” and she “wanted to catch the 5:00 train.” Okay.

So rather than cry in his beer, Kenny decided to lay out ten bucks on the race on a superfecta bet (picking the top four finishing horses in order). As the race came to a close, everyone around Kenny must’ve thought he was nuts because his horses came in…scoring him a cool $793K for his efforts

Shockingly, the lady in question had stuck around for the win…and – not surprisingly – once she verified the ticket (what!?), she found it worth her while to hang a bit longer.

Being the classy guy that he is, Kenny bought her drinks for the rest of the evening..but no go otherwise.

Once they went their separate ways, however, he says she’s “now been deleted.”

Good move.

With his winnings, Kenny says he’s going to buy a house on the country’s ‘Gold Coast.’

Source:Daily Mail

Melbourne Cup Carnival Country Final

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