Mom Finds Out Daughter Has Been Scamming Her Out Of Chore Money

A women recently shared on Reddit that she agreed to pay her 13-year-old daughter Anna for doing her chores so she could have some of her own money, but wound up regretting the agreement when she found out her daughter was actually scamming her. 

The mom recently agreed to play Anna about $18 to mow the lawn, which was done perfectly, only for mom to discover that it wasn’t Anna, but her 11-year-old daughter Sue who did the work. Turns out Anna made a side deal with Sue, contracting her to mow the lawn for $9, keeping the other $9 for herself.

Mom is now at a loss for how to handle it. “Part of me is kind of proud of how she handled it,” the woman writes, “but another part of me is wondering if she exploited her sister, despite the fact she paid her and Sue was alright with doing it."

  • Reactions from Reddit were mixed.
    • "Good thing you don't have a third even younger child,” one person noted, while another added, "In all seriousness, start educating her about entrepreneurship, business and management. She's got a knack for it."
  • Another proposed a suggestion on how to get Anna to do the work herself.
    • “Tell Anna that you intend to save yourself ($18) from now on and cut out the middleman and start dealing directly with Sue,” the person shares. "Once Anna realizes she's getting nothing she might start doing it herself."

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