Kraft Is Releasing Brand-New Flavor Boost Packets For Macaroni & Cheese

Kraft is famous for their blue-boxed Mac ‘n’ Cheese, and they’ve decided to up their game with new “Flavor Boosts”: Pizza, Ranch and Buffalo. Basically, they’re powdered flavors that you stir into your mac and cheese.

Now we have good news…and bad news. The new “Boosts” aren’t available until early 2022, but you can win an early taste! All of the details for the early drawing can be found at the Kraft FLVRS website HERE.

  • The Flavor Boost packets have already been available for a few months in Canada, but their tastes are very different up north – they include Poutine, Butter Chicken, Ghost Pepper, Jalapeno, Buffalo Wings…and get this… Cotton Candy!

Can't wait for the new flavors boosts? Here is a RANCH DIY recipe:

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