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Hangover Cures: Just In Time For NYE

With New Year’s Eve just around the corner, there will no doubt be some of you nursing a wicked hangover as you wake up on the first day of 2017. There are certainly plenty of people who think they have the perfect hangover cure, whether it’s hair of the dog, or pedialyte, and those are just the normal sounding ones. 

Folks all over the world swear by different hangover cures, and some of them can be truly outrageous. So, if you’re looking for some new ways to get rid of that holiday hangover, you may want to take note. 

Weird hangover cures from across the globe include:

  • Haiti: Voodoo – Folks in Haiti like to punish the bottle, not themselves, for drinking too much, so they stick 13 black pins into the cork of their beverage and then seal it. They are convinced that will free them from pain.
  • Estonia: Vodka Socks - Folks in Estonia believe the cure is in your socks. They soak their socks in vodka and hot water and then put them on, as they drink tea and sweat the alcohol out of their system. 
  • USA: Tasting Your Sweat – While some folks think a good burst of energy like a run can cure a hangover, Native Americans think the answer is actually in your sweat, so they believe taking a sip of your sweat and then spitting it out will cure that headache. 
  • Vietnam: Tape on Head – Folks in Vietnam put tape on their head at certain acupuncture points to relieve their hangover.
  • Hungary: Sparrow Droppings In Brandy – Hungarians swear that if you take a dropping from a sparrow and put it in your Brandy and then drink it your hangover will be gone. How the rest of your body feels is another story. 
  • Ancient Rome: Deep Fried Canary – Sure lots of people think fried food will make you feel better after a night of drinking, and apparently the folks in ancient Rome discovered that first and believed deep fried canary would help your stomach following a big drinking night. 
  • Italy: Dried Bull Penis – You may rather just endure the hangover, but in Italy eating a bull’s privates, once they are cut and dried, is believed to be a guaranteed hangover cure.

Got a hangover cure that works for YOU? I'd love to hear about it...and I might even add it to this list: EMAIL ME HERE or text it to me at 563-265-1065.

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