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Jake Arrieta, Cubs Settle On Contract

In case you’re not sure how much money professional athletes make, meet Jake Arrieta of the Chicago Cubs.

I’m kidding, as of course you’ve heard of the Chicago Cubs ace, who is one of the best pitchers in the majors today.

And now one of the richest, as the Cubs and Arrieta avoided an arbitration hearing by agreeing to terms Friday when Arrieta “settled” on a one-year contract worth $15.6375 million dollars.

Oh the sacrifices these poor guys have to make.

"I wanted to get it out of the way," said Arrieta, who won the 2015 National League Cy Young Award and won 18 games in 2016. "It’s a good deal. I didn’t want anything to linger. Get it out of the way, move on, enjoy this for a couple days and get onto Arizona and start playing again."

Yeah, it’s got to be a load off Arietta’s mind as he can now turn his focus into using that money to buy a small country

And settling that.

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