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Vegas Takes ANOTHER Hit...Thanks To Packers

Last Tuesday, we told you that Vegas took a beating in Monday’s National Championship Game. And a week later, we are happy to inform you that they did again this past Sunday.

While they were hoping for a bounce back weekend, after the upset losses by the Chiefs and Cowboys, bookmakers are looking at a few bounced checks.

I kid, of course, I’m pretty sure Vegas Sportsbook have a few extra billion socked away, but they may be dipping into it after Sunday after upset victories Pack and Steelers have Las Vegas bookies reporting huge losses.

So big, in fact, that one company reported it was the worst day in the their five-year history in Nevada.

But don’t take my world for it listen to these bookmakers.

  • “Seemed like a blue-collar betting day with public parlaying, teasing and pounding money lines on Packers and Steelers,” admits Bill Sattler, the director of specialty games for Caesars Entertainment. “We salvaged the under in [the] late game, but another solid week for the public.”
  • Jay Rood, vice president of MGM race and sports, offers, “It’s just colossal.”
  • “Awful,” adds Westgate SuperBook assistant manager Ed Salmons. “Can’t be worse.”

How much did YOU win over the weekend? Or, were you in the loss column??

PHOTO: Icon Sportswire

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