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Drinking Hacks From Jim Koch Of Sam Adams

Just about every man alive fancies himself a professional drinker, but when push-comes-to-shove very few can actually back-up that claim. The co-founder of Boston Beer Company/Sam Adams is Sam Koch, and he can very much make that claim and be true to his word.

His years of experience and beer expertise have led him to an effective way to drink throughout the day, and do it in a “healthy and responsible” way. This man truly is a pro…so listen-up, lightweights.

  • Drink Without Getting Drunk – A lunch buzz makes you lethargic. Fight it by getting some yeast at your local grocery store, and put a teaspoon into some warm water. Drink it before you get your drink on, and it’ll fight the intoxicating effect
  • Be Aware Of Alcohol-By-Volume – Google is your friend. Find out how much alcohol is in what you’re drinking, and plan accordingly
  • Stick To Beer And Water – Wanna drink all night with no hangover? Stick to beer, and alternate with some water. When the shots start pouring, turn away and don’t mix. Your odds of no hangover increase dramatically.

Now, you’ve heard it from a true professional. Go out to your local watering hole, and make us proud!

Source: Maxim

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