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People Pretending To Be Outraged At The Monster Energy Girls

There’s nothing quite like a controversy over nothing to drum up publicity for a new sponsor. With that, we’re proud to bring you the Monster Energy Girls that were just introduced for this weekend's Daytona 500.

The “outrage” over their outfits started over the weekend. What’s controversial, you ask? Rather than wearing fire suits like last year’s Sprint girls, the Monster girls are wearing tight black pants and a black leathery/vinyl-y corset looking thing. Oh, and those things show cleavage! That’s it. No bikinis. No thongs. 

Yet, people still want to bitch. Some of the Tweetage looks like this:

  • Need to rethink those uniforms for the Monster Energy Girls if they don't want naughty jokes.
  • Monster drink I think this is too much. NASCAR IS A FAMILY SHOW!!!
  • Those new Monster energy girls need a few more clothes on in pit lane!
  • Those Monster girls make me uncomfortable.

Why do I have a feeling 99% of the complaints came from women? Okay...there MIGHT have been a few men who complained...because their WIFE told them to...

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