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Sources: Bears Actively Seeking Trade Of Cutler

While all the talk about available QB’s has been focused on Tony Romo and Jimmy Garoppolo, it appears there’s another proven arm you can add to the list—whether he likes it or not. 

And that would be the Bears’ Jay Cutler who it appears the Bears are willing to move on from –even without a replacement in place.

So teams like Cleveland and San Francisco ought to take note as there’s no question Cutler brings a proven arm along with him for a team looking for a quick fix.

Not to mention the fact that the Bears are making this known right now proves how serious they are as in just a few weeks—March 9th—teams will officially be able to make trades and it’s never too soon to start shopping which is exactly what multiple league sources have said the Bears are doing as they actively seeking a trade partner for Cutler.

Oh and if any of you actually knew that Cutler currently has a no trade clause, I wouldn’t worry about that.

As most NFL minds believe that, while the deal will require both Cutler and the Bears to agree on the team—the 33-year-old has been under center for the Bears eight years and seems to have had more than enough.

And given how the team doesn’t seem to be anywhere near competitive of late—it seems Cutler is more than ready to blow out of the Windy City.

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