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St. Louis Files Lawsuit Against NFL

The Rams just finished their first full season in Los Angeles, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have some unfinished business back in St. Louis—by way of a lawsuit.

And I’m not talking about the four fans that filed a suit against the team back in January of last yearI’m talking about the entire city.

In a lawsuit filed by the city of St. Louis in court, plaintiffs claim that the NFL and each of its teams illegally approved the relocation of the Rams to Los Angeles in January of 2016.

It cites antitrust precedent and league bylaws that were enacted after multiple relocations back in 1984 as the reasoning for the lawsuit which is a fancy way of saying that the NFL and its 32 teams did not act in good faith during the entire process of relocation (as if they ever do?).

This is also why the lawsuit itself has been served to each of the teams at their headquarters, as noted in the 52-page court filing that names each organization as a defendant.

Hey good news for the Browns, given the way they run that team they can get off by reason of insanity and need only produce their drafts from the last five seasons as evidence.

And really if they did, what would they get the team back?

That seems like cruel and unusual punishment.

Although...good luck finding a jury that would penalize ANYONE for wanting to move from Missouri to Los Angeles...

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