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Cinco De Mayo: The World's BEST Tequila

There seems to be little middle ground on tequila. Those who love it…love it. Those who hate it…hate it. The haters, however, are wrong. A good tequila’s tough to beat, and most bad tequila stories begin with drinking bad tequila. Some of the best taste buds in the business got together just for you to determine the best of the best...

Fortaleza ($60) – Made by Sauza, it’s a “lowlands” tequila made from agave that takes longer to ripen. Has a sweet, yet spicy flavor.

Casa Noble Joven ($53) – Joven was in limited production, and spent six-weeks in oak where a variety of different flavors were produced.

Siete Leguas ($50) – Agave hearts are crushed using sugar can shredders, and the end-result is a flavor that’s “wildly complex.”

Tequila Tapatio ($36) – Distinctive and full. Just recently available in the States, and worth the wait.

Herrardua ($39) – Introduced reposado to the world, and maintains its place of one of the world’s foremost producers of it.

Kah ($60) – Not just a cool-ass bottle. It’s 110-proof, but easy-drinking and smooth.

Don Julia 1942 ($160) – More like a cognac, with a passionate mix of fire and fruit.

Siembra Azul ($34) – The label gives every detail of the production. It’s only made in Winter, when the process is slower and the flavors are more diverse.

Milagro Select Barrel Reserve Silver ($60) – The fancy-schmancy bottle isn’t a disguise. What it contains is a treasure in itself.

Pueblo Viejo ($20) – Don’t let the price fool you. This is the best twenty bucks you’ll ever spend,

Gran Patron Platinum ($210) – Smooth to the end, but has finishes with a surprising spiciness. It’s expensive, so sip it slowly.

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