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The Betting Odds On OJ's Release...

O.J. Simpson Seeks Retrial In Las Vegas Court - Day 5

In case you missed it, Thursday is “the date” for the official parole hearing for “The Juice.” O.J. Simpson has served 9 years of his 33-year sentence for a botched attempt at stealing his own sports memorabilia. That little bit of mayhem included a charge of kidnapping and armed robbery. At least he didn’t kill anyone.

Either way, the world will be watching to see if he’s unleashed on the golf courses of America once again…and for the moment, all cards point to Simpson being released. He’s been a good little prisoner while in the joint. Hell, even the guy he tried to rob is going to testify on his behalf.

So aside from prepping to watch the hearing action unfold live on television, there are betting lines on how the parole hearing will go down. Getting your betting knowledge on, and pay attention. Here are some of the bets out there:

  • Will Simpson be release on parole?

Before October 15th, 2017: -450

After October 15th, 2017: +300

  • What will Simpson do as he leaves prison?

Smile and wave: -150

Smile: +300

Cry: +650

Fall to his knees and kiss the ground: +1250

No expression/other: +300

Other bets include: his first stop, will he go back to prison, book release date, will his kids greet him, and will President Donald Trump Tweet about it. Now, go find a place to bet!

What do YOU think will happen?

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