Mark Manuel

Mark Manuel

Mark Manuel can be heard in the Quad Cities on 101-3 KISS-FM and BIG 106.5, as well as in Iowa City and Cedar Rapids on 100.7 The Fox. Thanks for...Full Bio


Mark's Joke Of The Day 7-31-17

Joke Of The Day

This frantic-looking lady came rushing out of her house into the street and cried: "Help! Help! My young son has swallowed a quarter and is choking. I don’t know what to do"’ 

Everyone looked the other way, except for a middle-aged gentleman who rushed into the lady’s house, found her young son, turned him upside down and shook him until the coin fell out of his mouth...followed by two more quarters, three dimes, and two nickels.

"Oh, thank you!" cried the lady. "Are you a doctor?"

"No ma'am," replied the middle-aged man. "I'm from the IRS..."

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