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Joke Of The Day 9/7/17

Joke Of The Day

A new bar opens in town and the owner is trying to come up with a name for it.

He decides to hold a contest. Whoever comes up with the best name for his bar gets free beer for life.

One fella says "What about Jack's Place?" The bartender doesn't like it. Another guy says "How about Lucy's Place?" The bartender says it's better, but still not right.

Another guy comes in and says "What about Lucy's Legs?"

"YES!!! That's it! We'll name it Lucy's Legs. Sir, you feel free to stop in any time you want a beer on the house."

Well, it turns out this guy is a bit of an alcoholic, so when he wakes up the next morning, he decides to head right over to the bar he named. Of course, he gets there around 8am and it doesn't open for two hours. Undeterred, he sits on the curb and decides to wait.

Only half an hour goes by before a cop stops and says, "Sir, there's no loitering here."

"I'm not loitering, officer. I'm just waiting for Lucy's Legs to open so I can get a free drink."

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